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PUR­POSE Un­plug­ging THE GET­AWAY Havana

The av­er­age iphone user unlocks the de­vice 80 times a day. In 2016, ac­cord­ing to one re­port, An­droid users clicked, swiped or tapped a screen 2600-plus times a day. (Touch your part­ner that of­ten?) In Cuba, In­ter­net ac­cess is scarce. But trust me: in Havana you don’t need In­sta­gram. With the mu­sic, the cock­tails and the steamy heat, this city ra­di­ates sex­i­ness. Nate and I spent our morn­ings in bed, our af­ter­noons sip­ping mo­ji­tos in leafy court­yards and our evenings danc­ing un­til we were soaked in sweat. My lin­ger­ing men­tal gif: zip­ping around in the back­seat of a clas­sic car, my hair blow­ing in the warm wind and my hus­band look­ing at me with a big smile. Didn't need a photo.

THE TAKE­AWAY Fo­cused con­nec­tion. Put down the phone to so­lid­ify your re­la­tion­ship: “Tech­nofer­ence” is a term from a study that found that seven in 10 peo­ple see phones as in­ter­rupt­ing or get­ting in the way of in­ter­ac­tions with their mate (like tex­ting while talk­ing). When it hap­pens of­ten, re­la­tion­ship sat­is­fac­tion drops. With­out your phone, you re­lax into your part­ner’s com­pany and re­con­nect, says ther­a­pist Rachel Suss­man. You’ll be re­minded of the early days, when you two were young, care­free and get­ting to know each other.

DO IT YOUR­SELF Go camp­ing far from cell­phone reach. Seek out a dig­i­tal detox pro­gram or a re­treat like Gwinganna – in the Gold Coast hin­ter­land – which doesn’t al­low mo­bile phone use in pub­lic ar­eas. You dis­con­nect to re­con­nect.

“That wild side of you may spice things up and help her see you in a dif­fer­ent light”

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