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Carry an Esky a Long Way

Loaded car­ries are a great way to build strength, and your esky stocked with beer won’t move it­self. That gives trainer Chad Raynor, an idea: pick up your esky (or grab two es­kies), let your arm hang at your side with it, and walk for 5 min­utes (or un­til you get from the beach to your spot in the car park – which­ever takes longer). Make sure to draw in your navel, and try to squeeze your shoul­der blades. That’s op­ti­mal form (and it’ll get you to an op­ti­mal beach bod).

Take a Walk

Just 5 min­utes of walk­ing in green space can be enough to re­duce stress and get you more mo­ti­vated to stay ac­tive, ac­cord­ing to an anal­y­sis in the jour­nal En­vi­ron­men­tal Science

& Tech­nol­ogy. So take a stroll. Bonus points if you find a body of wa­ter on your walk. Those in the study who ex­er­cised within view of a lake or river ex­pe­ri­enced a men­tal lift from that, too.

Em­brace the Burpee

It’s de­bat­able whether the dreaded burpee is more or less fun in the sun, but it’s ef­fec­tive any­where. Set a timer for 5 min­utes. Do 10 to 15 burpees each minute; if you fin­ish early, rest and breathe un­til the next minute starts. You’ll wind up do­ing 50 to 75 to­tal burpees in your own per­sonal light-speed boot-camp ses­sion.

Walk the Grass Plank

In­stead of snooz­ing in your back­yard, see if you can with­stand a se­ries of planks. They’re one of the most ef­fec­tive core ex­er­cises, and they’re per­fect if you have back pain. Your chal­lenge: hold your plank for 5 min­utes. Spend the first minute in a stan­dard fore­arm plank, then shift into a right-side plank for the sec­ond, a left-side plank for the third, and back to a stan­dard plank for the fi­nal 2 min­utes. Up the ante by wear­ing a weight vest.

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