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1. How many times did Ja­son Dun­stall win the AFL Cole­man Medal?

2. Who starred as Ita But­trose in the 2011 TV minis­eries, Pa­per Gi­ants: The Birth of Cleo?

3. Canada con­sists of 10 prov­inces and how many ter­ri­to­ries?

4. In the sym­bol known as the “Olympic rings”, what colour is the ring on the far left?

5. Which novel by Kurt Von­negut starts with the words, “All this hap­pened, more or less”?

6. The Qu­a­ter­nary Pe­riod is one of the three pe­ri­ods of which era?

7. What is the three-let­ter cur­rency code for the Fi­jian dol­lar?

8. In 1999, who had a hit with the song, Mambo No 5?

9. True or false? An­to­nio Ban­deras starred in the Spy Kids movie se­ries.

10. What were the first two teams to con­cede over 400 points in the 2018 NRL sea­son?

11. Which herb is used to make a tra­di­tional French pis­tou sauce?

12. In 2018, driv­ers’ li­cences were is­sued to women for the first time in which coun­try?

13. Who won the Best Ac­tress Os­car for her role in the clas­sic 1962 movie, The Mir­a­cle Worker?

14. What is the cap­i­tal city of Kenya?

15. The Idi­tarod Trail Sled Dog Race is held in which US state?

16. Which chil­dren’s TV se­ries fea­tures vil­lains named Ar­madil­lain and Romeo?

17. Hi­lary Hahn is best known for play­ing which mu­si­cal in­stru­ment?

18. Which fa­mous song starts with the words, “I took my love, I took it down.”? 19. The flag of Brunei con­sists of a crest and two di­ag­o­nal stripes on what colour back­ground?

20. How many atoms of oxy­gen are in one mol­e­cule of oxy­gen?

21. True or false? Beryl Pen­rose is an Aus­tralian for­mer in­ter­na­tional golfer.

22. Who com­posed the mu­sic for the bal­let, The Sleep­ing Beauty?

23. In 2018, who won the Gold Lo­gie?

24. Which coun­try won the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

25. Which Cen­tral Amer­i­can coun­try has the low­est pop­u­la­tion?

26. Who wrote the novel, Those in Peril, the first novel to fea­ture Hec­tor Cross?

27. Michael Jack­son’s al­bum, Thriller, was first re­leased dur­ing which decade?

28. Char­lotte Cooper, the first woman to win an in­di­vid­ual Olympic gold medal, was a cham­pion in which sport?

29. Who played the role of Hikaru Sulu in the 1960s TV se­ries, Star Trek?

30. The Le­van­tine Sea is a part of which other sea?

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