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While you’re mak­ing plans and res­o­lu­tions for 2019, get some plants in the gar­den that will pay back your new-year ef­forts with flow­ers and fruit in au­tumn and win­ter. Avoid mak­ing new plant­ings on very hot or windy days and keep all new plant­ings well wa­tered and shel­tered on sub­se­quent hot days.

What to sow and plant this month (seeds un­less noted)

Or­na­men­tals: Alyssum, cineraria, daisies (pots), English laven­der (pots), hol­ly­hock, hydrangea (pots), Ice­land poppy, pansy, petu­nia (seedlings and pots), poin­set­tia (pots), prim­ula, rose (pots), salvia (pots), stock, suc­cu­lents (pots), vi­ola, wall­flower

Ed­i­bles: Basil, beetroot, broc­coli, Brus­sels sprout, cab­bage, Cape goose­berry, car­rot, cau­li­flower, Chi­nese cab­bage, chives, cit­rus (pot­ted plants), dwarf beans (seedling), English spinach, kale, kohl rabi, leek, let­tuce, pars­ley, parsnip, radish, shal­lot, sil­ver beet, spring onion, swede, turnip

Quiz an­swers 1. Two 2. Asher Ked­die 3. Three 4. Blue 5. Slaugh­ter­house-Five 6. Ceno­zoic 7. FJD 8. Lou Bega 9. True 10. New­cas­tle Knights, Gold Coast Titans 11. Basil

12. Saudi Ara­bia 13. Anne Ban­croft 14. Nairobi 15. Alaska 16. PJ Masks 17. Vi­o­lin 18. Land­slide 19. Yel­low 20. Two 21. False (ten­nis player) 22. Tchaikovsky 23. Grant Denyer

24. France 25. Belize 26. Wil­bur Smith 27. 1980s 28. Ten­nis 29. Ge­orge Takei 30. Mediter­ranean.

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