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End-of-year bargains are tough to find in the current new car market


Kia has some mildly warm deals on some models – a couple of grand off on specific variants - although as is typical the messaging is around pricing rather than nabbing a bargain on last year’s models.

Kia Australia chief operating office Damien

Meredith says it comes down to a lack of stock.

“Demand is far higher than supply so there’s no need for dealers and manufactur­ers to give away money,” he says of what he describes as a changing retail environmen­t that could represent “the new normal”.

There are still 2021 models around in dealer stock with many advertisin­g immediate delivery.

The difference is very few have sharp deals on them.

Neville Crichton’s Ateco Group is the importer of various brands including Chinese maker LDV. He says the brand could be selling much more with more supply.

“We have in excess of 12,000 back orders waiting on vehicles out of China,” says Crichton.

Top seller Toyota is focusing its sales efforts on in-house finance rates, albeit with a disclaimer at the top of its “current offers” page on its website, which warns: “global demand currently exceeds supply so we are sorry that delivery will take longer than usual”.

It’s a big change from a few years ago. In March 2019 – three months after the new year - Toyota was still trying to offload 2018 versions of its Corolla.

Sedan versions of the Ascent with an auto transmissi­on were advertised for $23,490 driveaway, upwards of $4000 off the regular retail price.

The most affordable Corolla sedan today is $28,979 for the Ascent Sport and the only deal is a vaguely competitiv­e 3.9 percent finance offer.

There are nuggets of a bargain, although it’s usually limited to certain models and is often a modest saving.

A Ford Ranger XLT double cab pickup is almost $6500 off, at $58,990. But opt for the cab-chassis tray and it’s full price, an indication of an excess of stock on only one specific model.

The Hyundai Staria Load van will save ABN holders $750.

Hunt for a BMW 320i and you should save a few grand, although it’s offset by price rises of more than 10 percent in recent years.

With few deals on the table, unless you’re desperate for a new car, there’s unlikely to be a financial penalty in waiting a few weeks for a 2022 model versus buying a 2021 model now.

At the very least you’ll have a car that could be worth more when it comes time to trade it in – at which time some bargains could be back on the table.

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