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I’m happy with my 2007 Subaru Liberty wagon but it’s starting to cost me money. I want a replacemen­t all-wheel-drive wagon but as there’s no new Liberty what would you recommend? I don’t like SUVs so my choice seems between a VW Passat Alltrack and an AWD Skoda Superb or Octavia. Any others? Gary Wilson, email

If you’ve been happy with your Liberty I’d head to Subaru and test the Outback. It might be classified as an SUV but it’s essentiall­y a high-riding wagon, with the added advantage of all-wheel-drive smarts, excellent safety and strong value for money. There’s no AWD Skoda Octavia Scout on sale, while the 4x4 Superb, talented though it is, is an old model now. The Passat Alltrack is also worth a close look, with its smooth engine-transmissi­on combinatio­n and its enjoyable driving dynamics. While you’re at VW, check out the new AWD Arteon wagon too. Pricey, but gorgeous.


Our second car is a Kia Seltos and for various reasons it’s driven only 2500km in the past 12 months. It’s due its two-year/30,000km service which costs $450. The Kia service centre said it’s a requiremen­t to maintain warranty, but surely it doesn’t need such an expensive service when its last service was only 2500km ago?

Ken Robinson, email

Time degrades your car’s vital fluids, so maintenanc­e is not always about kilometres travelled. The Seltos’ two-year service is a major one and includes oil and filter, oil system cleaner, fuel additive, new brake fluid and new cabin pollen

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