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I’VE no­ticed many com­plaints about a plan to build a roundabout near the Tas­ma­nia Golf Club. I’m not into golf, so I thought this’d be an is­sue I could eas­ily ig­nore. But there has been so much fuss that I thought I should check.

Beep me! Both op­tions put a roundabout in the mid­dle of the road to Mid­way Point. I sup­pose that we should be grate­ful that who­ever is sug­gest­ing this doesn’t want to put it in the mid­dle of a run­way, so the planes won’t fly so fast when tak­ing off.

A much bet­ter de­sign is ob­vi­ous and likely to be cheaper.

If we keep the old road as a lo­cal ac­cess road, we can build the new road as a sim­ple by­pass with a sim­ple bridge over Pittwa­ter Rd and sim­ple on and off ramps from each left lane to the lo­cal ac­cess road. Any roundabout needed to ac­com­mo­date right turns can be on the lo­cal ac­cess road. No won­der so many golfers and lovers of the en­vi­ron­ment are mak­ing such a fuss.

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