Mercury (Hobart) : 2019-06-12

LIFESTYLE : 27 : 27


LIFESTYLE 27 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 2019 • SUBSCRIPTI­ONS 1300 696 397 COMMUNITY with Joanne Madeline Moore GEMINI VIRGO SAGITTARIU­S PISCES (May 21 to June 21) (Aug 24 to Sept 23) (Nov 23 to Dec 22) (Feb 20 to Mar 20) The stars encourage you to look for fun ways to spend your spare time. Think outside the box. Perhaps an adventurou­s new hobby or an unusual creative project will satisfy your innate curiosity. Creativity and hard work are a classic combinatio­n, as you forge ahead with a promising project. Long-term success is dependent on the contributi­on of others, especially friends and colleagues. With prosperity planet Jupiter visiting your sign, keep your eyes and ears open for lucky opportunit­ies. However, strive to get the balance right between being spontaneou­s and being foolhardy. Relationsh­ip challenges are likely today, as a friend or family member tests your Piscean patience. If you look at the situation from their point of view, you will gain more insight into the situation. CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN ARIES (June 22 to July 23) (Sept 24 to Oct 23) (Dec 23 to Jan 20) (Mar 21 to Apr 20) If you have a frustratin­g problem, look to a discreet friend or family member for some well-chosen words of advice. Choose someone who can be trusted to keep your Crab secrets completely confidenti­al. The moon is in your sign today. That means it’s time to spread the love around as you show others how to consult and co-operate in a charming and likable Libran way. You make it look so easy. Today some Capricorns will suffer from a lack of confidence, as Saturn finds you doubting your values and beliefs. Use it as an opportunit­y for some self-questionin­g and sombre reflection. Attached Aries, try to find enjoyable ways that you and your sweetheart can create something new together. Single Rams, it’s time to look for love with someone who is cool, calm and collected. LEO SCORPIO AQUARIUS TAURUS (July 24 to Aug 23) (Oct 24 to Nov 22) (Jan 21 to Feb 19) (Apr 21 to May 20) Group activities are favoured at the moment, as you join forces with others to produce a practical outcome. A new friendship could also develop from shared interests and similar dreams. Diplomatic Venus encourages you to play peacemaker. Do your best to divert loved ones away from deeply controvers­ial and sensitive topics, such as sex and money. Also, try to avoid taking sides. Past problems or a troubled relationsh­ip could rise to the surface today. Don’t be too quick to judge other people. Look at issues from their perspectiv­e, as you walk a few miles in their shoes. Being stubborn with other people will get you nowhere fast today, Taurus. You will find that the more you support and nurture loved ones, the more satisfying your close relationsh­ips will be. George Bush, Anne Frank, Terry Alderman, Warwick Capper, Frances O’Connor, Darryl White, 1897: US president (1924-2018); German-born diarist (1929-45); Australian cricketer (b1956); player (b1963); (b1967); Swiss cutlery maker Carl Elsener patents his penknife, later known as the Swiss Army knife. The enactment of the Commonweal­th Franchise Act gives all Australian women aged over 21 the right to vote in national elections and stand for federal parliament. Born on the zodiac’s “Day of Buoyant Optimism”, you are great fun to be around. The coming year is the time to face problems head-on. If you jump in and make decisions too quickly, then things could backfire. 1902: AFL Australian actress AFL player (b1973). V1 - MERE01Z01M­A PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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