Mercury (Hobart) - - COMICS -


2 Fol­lowed tracks to let raid be ar­ranged 7 Lily’s fam­ily mem­ber hails one lack­ing odd bits 8 Type of plate still partly undis­cov­ered 1 0 Not on a team for il­le­gal po­si­tion in play 11 Per­form with the French to dis­trib­ute in char­ity 1 2 Time to change some sort of thing 1 3 Arise again with ex­tra wages al­lo­ca­tion 1 4 Scot makes use of such lit­tle beds 1 6 Last child with our stern man­ner 1 8 Be light­headed if we play last 20 Dis­tinc­tive air learner has per­ceived by ear 2 1 Probe a hea­then with a su­per­nat­u­ral in­flu­ence 22 The list turned to lower or­der for very light seeds


1 Crew mem­ber first in the ship show­ing man­ual skill ... 2 ... also learns first with an im­ple­ment 3 Di­rects thoughts to set free heart­less rats 4 Get mov­ing by rea­son­ing to in­hale 5 Caused a spin­ning cur­rent when lit­tle Ed­ward passed on 6 Reg­u­lated meals pro­vided for for­mal as­sem­bly in Ja­pan 9 See the mean­ing of short com­pe­ti­tion to turn her be­fore the fin­ish 15 Op­pres­sively hot, dirt or oth­er­wise 17 Gone off or is first in a US state 18 Wind in­stru­ment maybe to make a groove in a tool 19 Shaped piece on gar­ment will last for a coun­try per­son

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