Mercury (Hobart)





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1 Somehow born with an unusual itch, and is an infection that causes coughing 2 Formulate, using some hoopla nails 3 Makes mention of adverts 4 Overpass by way of a tube 5 State boys make side dishes 6 Eased out after half time and dead-heated 9 A resemblanc­e to the military is misleading 15 Of the overseas trip digression 17 Formerly end to end, we made a withdrawal 18 To make proud, George 2nd was unpunctual 19 Turned up with nothing for a luminary’s bit part



2 Military police officer 7 Regulation 8 Levels a gun 10 Friendly 11 Not any 12 First man 13 Circular 14 Portable brick troughs 16 Vend 18 And so on (abb) 20 Entire 21 Love affair 22 Rumour (coll)


1 Respirator­y disease 2 Blueprint 3 Directs the attention of 4 Ravine bridge 5 Uncooked vegetables 6 Drew together in a knot 9 A likeness 15 Temporary roundabout 17 A going out 18 Put in high spirits 19 Short appearance by a celebrity

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