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Vax campaign has finger on pulse


POWDERFING­ER’S enduring anthem My Happiness is the soundtrack for the emotive #VaxTheNati­on live music industry campaign to encourage Australia to ramp up its vaccinatio­n rate.

The campaign video flashes happy images of euphoric fans at concerts over the song’s achingly melancholi­c lyrics about the loneliness of separation.

It’s guaranteed to put something in the eyes of gig-starved Aussies.

Frontman Bernard Fanning said it was a no-brainer to lend their anthem to the campaign – which has been backed by more than 400 artists and music companies – to help accelerate vaccinatio­n rates so live events can return.

“The power of using that song, whether you like it, love it or you’re sick to death of it, is you know what’s about to happen when it gets interrupte­d; the big pay-off, the drop of the chorus, never happens,” Fanning said.

“There’s something about that song which seems to bring people together and we’re happy to contribute that, because it’s not just about music but comedians, theatre, dance, everything.

“So there’s an opportunit­y there for us all to do something so people can get back to enjoying their lives and the industry can get back to enjoying their jobs.”

The Live Alliance throwing money and profession­al services behind the #VaxTheNati­on campaign is the biggest coalition of tour promoters, music festivals, venues, ticketing agencies, record labels, comedy producers, theatre, opera and dance companies, streaming platforms and industry associatio­ns ever assembled in Australia.

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