Mercury (Hobart)

Fix the overcrowdi­ng on school buses


WHEN will State Growth ever address overcrowdi­ng on school buses? The bus heading to South Hobart Primary School on Friday morning was jam-packed. This primary school has no dedicated school bus, despite buses being crowded with both the general public and schoolchil­dren every morning.

Small children are frequently thrown around in the aisles with not even an available pole to hold on to. An additional problem is that many parents believe it’s not safe to send a younger child on a bus designed for the general public.

Of all the categories of commuters, schoolchil­dren provide a predictabl­e group for which Metro buses should be able to cater for. We know when they travel, and can predict numbers based on school enrolments.

Please can we improve the suitabilit­y of school buses to help combat traffic congestion in Hobart ASAP.

Clare Wiltshire, South Hobart

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