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FURTHER to Mike Flynn’s letter about Philips CPAP machines for use with sleep apnoea conditions (Letters, September 2), I was using a Philips machine when I became aware of the problem. It was only luck that I was told of it by the local CPAP machine outlet as I hadn’t received any informatio­n from Philips themselves. I subsequent­ly registered my machine with Philips in July 2021 and received a receipt with the informatio­n “they regret it will take some time to replace the affected devices”.

I received a further letter at the end of August saying “our organisati­on is working diligently to replace or repair devices as soon as possible”.

My question is: What do we do in the meantime? I’m in the fortunate position of being able to buy another machine (from a different company) but not everyone can do that. Philips advises us to speak to our doctor about our therapy options. Options were decided when we were advised we needed a CPAP machine.

I don’t want a repaired or replacemen­t machine. There should have been refunds months back. My father died from sleep apnoea so I am particular­ly aware of the risks involved.

Viki Rutter South Hobart

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