Mercury (Hobart)

Unlock the potential of Dulverton


GIVEN the amount of economic developmen­t taking place in Oatlands, I can’t understand the lack of vision in regards to Lake Dulverton, which sits in the heart of this township.

A former trophy trout fishing water, it remains little more than a puddle full of unfettered weed growth and is very uninviting for anglers both local and interstate.

The problems that obviously exist in regards to its deteriorat­ed state are not insurmount­able, surely stakeholde­rs and government bodies can see the economic advantage a bit of vision being applied here would bring.

The area boasts fantastic infrastruc­ture such as toilets and camping facilities, perfect for tourists such as the grey nomads who no doubt would provide a significan­t economic boost to local businesses.

There are machines available that cut weeds without damaging the ecology and, if purchased by government, they could be used not just in this lake but all around our state to help open up other waters with similar potential.

Janet Lambert

Devon Hills

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