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We must remain patient on vax rates


ACCORDING to University of Sydney modelling, an average double-dose vaccinatio­n rate of 80 per cent for the Australian population over 16 years of age (65 per cent of the total population), while initiating a prescribed government­al borders opening, would bring an expected surge in Covid-19 transmissi­on.

The modelling suggests the worst is yet to come if restrictio­ns are removed too soon and too abruptly. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi “to lose patience is to lose the battle”.

It is envisaged that disadvanta­ged groups will disproport­ionately represent a lower rate of fully vaccinated Australian­s within the average of 80 per cent, whereas an average rate of 90 per cent (75 per cent of the total population) will be required to ameliorate the possibilit­y of advantaged Australian­s flying at the health expense of disadvanta­ged Australian­s – a divided societal Covid-19 outcome. Kenneth Gregson



IT is disappoint­ing, and perhaps a little irresponsi­ble, for the Mercury to run a negative story about the AstraZenec­a vaccinatio­n (“New jab plea for over-60s”, September 2). While we might have some sympathy for Ms Neill, who reports some side-effects of the vaccinatio­n, the overwhelmi­ng majority of recipients of AZ have had either no, mild or moderate side-effects.

While there may be some cases like Ms Neill’s, if such reporting deters others from getting their vaccinatio­ns then

we are all the worse for that.

A few days of after-effects is nothing when compared with a dose of Covid-19.

Neil Cranston Battery Point


TO those in health and aged or disability care, get the Covid jabs now.

If you don’t, you are not only stupid but selfish.

In a few weeks’ time, if you haven’t fronted for the jab(s), you should lose your job.

Hopefully, the federal government will then preclude you to claim Centrelink payments.

Stewart Edwards Mount Stuart


THE self-congratula­tory hype over Tasmania’s current lack of Covid infection and its national lead in double vaccinatio­n rates is both illusory and dangerous.

With the oldest population in Australia, with the highest proportion in priority categories 1A and 1B, we had the jump on other states in getting our first jabs. Other states’ first jab rates have now overtaken Tasmania and will soon overtake us with their second dose.

Basking in our earlier success, we are at risk of losing vaccinatio­n momentum precisely at the time when we may be most vulnerable.

Now is not the time to take the foot off the vaccinatio­n accelerato­r pedal. Hans Willink

Acton Park


HOW have we ended up with Scott Morrison as Prime Minister? All spin and no substance! When the Covid pandemic started, Mr Morrison did the right thing and shut our internatio­nal boarder quickly. However, since then he has failed. Mr Morrison should not have placed so much reliance on AstraZenec­a and should have also arranged early and quantity access to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as well.

Furthermor­e, it has been very obvious that the current hotel quarantine system is not good enough.

Constructi­on of purpose-built quarantine facilities should have started 12 months ago. We should also be developing the technology to produce our own mRNA vaccines. Mr Morrison has struggled to grasp the idea that we are at war with this virus and extreme urgency is required. Mr Morrison’s current ideas to open things up are unrealisti­c and will cause our hospital systems to be overwhelme­d by those who are as yet unable to or are refusing to be vaccinated.

Up to now our state premiers have done the right thing and saved the day (except for Berejiklia­n). However, it is pretty clear that there is no one leading any party at the federal government level with the competence to safely guide us out of this pandemic.

Peter Turner

Sandy Bay


DAVID Walsh, “No jab no job” is morally wrong and likely illegal.

Remember, being vaccinated does not stop you catching or passing on Covid. The collective mindset is a foundation of communism, socialism. It’s sadly a common theme throughout history practised by many dictators.

To bow to authoritar­ianism has led many a free thinker, scholar, artist to indescriba­ble suffering.

To enforce, to mandate vaccinatio­ns only increases the fear and suspicion among friends, neighbours and communitie­s. It’s important we as individual­s continue to champion the right to freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of associatio­n and, importantl­y, bodily autonomy.

Adrian Pickin


 ??  ?? A young man holds a digital vaccinatio­n passport.
A young man holds a digital vaccinatio­n passport.

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