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POLICE have rescued a sleeping woman from a burning building in Tottenham Rd, Gagebrook.

Officers were patrolling nearby when they saw the woman’s front bedroom ablaze from the window.

Police officers entered the house, woke the woman up, and escorted her and her two dogs from the burning house.

With the help of a neighbour, they battled the fire with a garden hose until firefighte­rs arrived and took over.

The woman and her dogs were unharmed, but the house suffered smoke damage as well

as water damage to the front bedroom.

The estimated cost of repair is about $40,000.

Police investigat­ors are treating the fire as suspicious.

Mark Bartlett, who lives just behind the woman’s house, said his heart went out to the family. “They are a very well respected family. It’s just a sad situation. I said to Ange, my partner, I don’t know how people come back from something like this,” Mr Bartlett said.

“It’s been crazy the last few weeks. Just last month we helped out another family that lost their house in Bridgewate­r, and there was a couple in Old Beach who lost their caravan in a fire.”

Debbie Berry, who lives just across the road, said it caused quite a commotion in the neighbourh­ood.

“I was getting ready to go to bed and I heard alarms. I wasn’t sure what was happening,” she said.

 ??  ?? A damaged bedroom.
A damaged bedroom.

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