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Call for penguin rehab workers


GROUP that runs what sounds like a luxury resort for little penguins – complete with an above-ground pool, bath house and herring served on demand – is looking for volunteers.

The little penguins staying there are not on holiday, they are recuperati­ng from injury or recovering from illness.

The birds need the pool for hydrothera­py to build up their strength before being released back into the wild.

The bath house is in a separate area and used by little penguins under quarantine.

The Penguin Rehabilita­tion Facility, in Burnie, is the first of its kind in the North-West.

Until the Burnie centre was establishe­d in 2018, injured and sick birds needed to travel to the South for care, then travel back to the North-West for release when healed.

More than 36 little penguins plus a variety of other sea and shore birds have been rehabiliA tated since the centre opened. The average cost of caring for a bird is $100 per week and the average time in care is just over a month. A volunteer informatio­n evening will be held on October 21 at the Cradle Coast Authority building in Burnie.

Penguin Rehab and Release said volunteers needed to fill a range of roles from on-site support to administra­tive tasks and fundraisin­g.

“Most of the on-site work is dirty, exhausting and unglamorou­s,” the group said.

But it said the work was extremely rewarding.

To book a place, contact Kathy Grieveson at penguinran­

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