Mercury (Hobart)

Fix the inequity in our planning scheme


IN the wreckage of our broken planning system, we could at least fix the inequitabl­e fees-and-charges system associated with it. Charges are far too high for small-scale developers – the bread and butter of our resilient constructi­on industry – and far too low for proponents of large developmen­ts, some of whom have no intention of developing but rather will simply try to on-sell any developmen­t consent they obtain. The low flat fee charged by the planning commission for review of proposed planning scheme amendments is similarly inequitabl­e – ensuring that the same amount is paid to the commission by both a speculator seeking a complicate­d rezoning to secure a massive windfall profit, and a small property owner seeking to correct a flawed planning code overlay affecting their land. Instead, we could have a fairer system of planning fees and charges, one that encourages small-scale developmen­ts, ensures cost recovery for assessment of large-scale and complex proposals, and discourage­s property speculator­s and those who manipulate the planning system to obtain profit.

Peggy James, Howden

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