Mercury (Hobart)



I HAVE been married to Kingboroug­h Councillor David Grace for 54 unbroken happy years. We have raised our family to live according to the principles of respect and decency that everyone is entitled, no matter their position in life.

Our family also believes that a life of service is our contributi­on to a better world, especially at this difficult time.

More than anybody I know that David while “working class” is a decent man who is not sexist, racist or homophobic in any way and has provided services to under privileged and disadvanta­ged sections of the municipali­ty not represente­d in the staff and council culture.

I have supported David and contribute­d to his daily (24 hours) work on council for the last 21 years. The recent furore created by now Mayor Paula Wriedt’s complaint has been the worst days of my/our life together which resulted in my mental breakdown. I sat in tears and disbelief as I listened while each councillor without exception individual­ly denounced him on the night that he had a medical certificat­e to be unusually absent from council.

I have been totally ignored by the councillor­s, the general manager, ex-Mayor Dean Winter and Ms Wriedt, since the code of conduct complaint. The general manger made every effort to exclude me and a couple of our supporters from the meeting when David made the apology that was required of him. They now collective­ly cannot understand why David ignores them.

I give thanks to the many, many people who have supported our family at this time.

Jenny Grace Snug

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