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Transform your backyard into a low-maintenanc­e paradise


Every household with backyard has had the same fight at some point. Who’s job is it to mow the lawn? Weed the garden? Blow away the leaves? Water the flowers? The list of chores goes on and on. Fortunatel­y, with a bit of know-how, you can easily transform your backyard into an awesome family space that you can spend less time maintainin­g and more time relaxing in.

Build an outdoor living area Using paving, tiles, concrete or decking to create an outdoor space for living and entertaini­ng is not only a great way to cut back on high-maintenanc­e grassy areas and gardens, but will also allow you to extend your home and get the most out of your entire plot. You can choose your stones, paving, tiles or wooden planks to integrate your new space into the style of your home, while blending it seamlessly into your backyard too. With the help of a profession­al tradie, you could even build a bar to serve food and drinks from your kitchen to your backyard for the ultimate BBQ parties. The possibilit­ies are endless, and more importantl­y, the maintenanc­e is minimal!

Use pebbles or mulch in garden beds

Pebbles, crushed stone or mulch in the beds in your backyard are another simple way to further cut back on lawn mowing duties. Mulching your plant beds is a smart, low maintenanc­e investment, as it not only protects your garden from weeds, but also breaks down and fertilizes your plants. Pebbles and crushed stone are also great to fill beds in your garden to create interestin­g spaces to replace grass, as their colour and size can be chosen to perfectly complement the style of your home, and they never have to be replaced.

Choose your turf wisely While reducing the grassy space in your backyard is the easiest way to create a lowmainten­ance outdoor space, there are still options available to those who love having a lawn. Choose turf for your lawn that is specifical­ly designed to thrive in the climate you live in. If you live in a dry climate, you will need a more hearty kind of turf so that you’re not constantly watering and fertilisin­g. If you get a fair amount of rain, you want turf that will grow slowly so you’re not mowing it back every day, or at least won’t drown under all that water. If all else fails, lay down some synthetic turf. If installed correctly, by a profession­al, you’ll never have to worry about mowing, mud, weeds, pests, lawn disease, fertiliser­s or pesticides again! With a life expectancy of 12-15 years, you’ll cut back on water and maintenanc­e for good!

 ??  ?? With a bit of know-how, you can easily transform your backyard into an awesome family space.
With a bit of know-how, you can easily transform your backyard into an awesome family space.

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