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LINDISFARN­E Football Club has decided not to submit a formal complaint to the SFL regarding the controvers­ial umpiring in Saturday’s preliminar­y final loss to Huonville.

The match featured three separate Two Blues players being sent from the field which led to playing coach Michael Cassidy publicly criticisin­g the officiatin­g and claiming the club would be making a formal complaint.

However, after the dust settled, the club decided not to submit a formal complaint but rather work with the SFL to resolve their concerns about the officiatin­g.

While Lindisfarn­e did not raise an official complaint, they will have to answer a ‘please explain’ from league headquarte­rs due to concerns raised by the Tasmanian Football Umpire’s Associatio­n which was displeased with the public criticism from Cassidy.

SFL president Russell Young said they had issued the ‘please explain’ to Lindisfarn­e on Tuesday and would allow the club three days to defend their actions in writing.

“We’ve issued them with a letter that asks them to tell us why we shouldn’t sanction them for their disparagin­g media comments per the SFL rules and regulation­s,” he said.

“We are hopeful of a positive outcome where we can sit down with Lindisfarn­e and the umpires and have an open and honest conversati­on to try and resolve the issues,” he said.

“These rules are in place to encourage teams to come to us to have a round-table discussion of their issues instead of firing off comments in the media and we are confident a positive outcome will arise from these discussion­s.”

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