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Pedophile claims grow



A WOMAN who alleges pedophile paediatric nurse James Geoffrey Griffin raped her at the Launceston General Hospital when she was a teenager has filed proceeding­s against the Tasmanian Health Service in the Supreme Court.

According to her statements of claim, she was an inpatient at the hospital in 2011 and was receiving treatment. She was placed in an induced coma in the intensive care unit and then moved to recovery in the paediatric ward.

The woman alleges Griffin gave her pain medication, which would sedate her until she was barely able to stay awake, raped and later sexually abused her.

The women’s claim is one of two additional new claims to the two from alleged victims that came to light last week.

The second woman alleges the abuse occurred when she was seeking treatment at the hospital for an eating disorder when she was a teenager.

According to the statement of claim, she said Griffin took deliberate actions to befriend her and establish an emotional connection to lower her inhibition­s before allegedly sexually abusing her.

The woman said he told her parents that “I think of her as a daughter” and constantly told her that she was his “baby girl”, and his “special girl”.

The other two women allege they were sexually abused by Griffin after being admitted as inpatients to the paediatric unit as teenagers.

The women said they made complaints to other nurses and the nurse ward manager about Griffin’s conduct, but their complaints were ignored.

Law firm Arnold Thomas & Becker said the hospital breached the duty of care it owed to the girls.

Griffin died by suicide in October 2019 after criminal charges were laid against him.

Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyer Kim Price said they have heard numerous complaints from patients, staff and parents were made to Launceston General Hospital about Griffin.

“Our clients, and many other young people have suffered because the hospital has not done its job properly,” he said

Arnold Thomas & Becker is expecting to lodge a number of further claims.

The Commission of Inquiry into the Tasmanian Government’s Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Institutio­nal Settings will examine the revelation­s.

 ??  ?? Former Launceston nurse James Geoffrey Griffin.
Former Launceston nurse James Geoffrey Griffin.

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