Whatever your tipple, there’s plenty on offer to whet your thirst. Sustainabl­y Sourced


New premium New Zealand wine range Round Theory features four varietals in a uniquely shaped bottle that’s 30 per cent lighter, 35 per cent shorter and made from clear glass for improved recyclabil­ity. Round Theory wines are also vegan friendly, and sustainabl­y grown and sourced from vineyards in Marlboroug­h and Hawke’s Bay that are accredited by Sustainabl­e Winegrowin­g New Zealand.

Bacardi, the world’s largest family owned spirits company, plans to put the world’s most sustainabl­e spirits bottle on shelf by 2023. The new bottle is 100 per cent biodegrada­ble and will replace the 80 million plastic bottles currently produced by Bacardi every year across its portfolio of brands.

Low Alcohol

Cutting back? Zero- and low-alcohol options are one of the fastest growing categories at Australian retail chain of liquor stores, BWS. “This will be our biggest season ever for alcohol-free or lower alcohol options, with everything from rosé, bubbles, beer and spirits that taste just like the real deal available,” says BWS drinks expert Simon Wilson.


Having already taken the US and UK by storm, seltzers have hit the Australian market. Seltzers, such as US brand White Claw and Australian-made Rainbird, are in essence alcohol-infused sparkling water with a hint of natural fruit flavour, and are usually also light on calories and sugar.

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