- Judith

After reading Dr. Rob Selzer’s fascinatin­g article, ‘The Glorious Rhythm of Rituals’ (March) I realised just how often the steady influence of ordinary day-to-day rituals and rhythms had helped calm my often anxious childhood.

There was comfort in the repetitive, tedious, but all-absorbing stitching of tapestries, the ticking of my grandmothe­r’s noisy mantel clock

during long, dark, sleepless nights, the reassuring beam from a nearby lighthouse on wild, stormy nights. Books were read over and over again, and drawings of a house with a chimney, garden path, flowerbeds and birds in a tree always against the right-hand side of the house that still appear unchanged decades later on my ‘doodle days’.

Rituals and rhythms will always exist, and whether we find comfort in morning bird song, favourite music or the sound of the postie’s squeaky brakes up and down the street, there’s much to be gained by embracing the ‘metronomes of life’. Serenity, purpose and stability can be found in the most unexpected ways.

Thanks for another wonderful issue of a magazine that smacks of intelligen­t content and integrity.

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