Flaring up when exposed to the sun, heat or hormonal changes, this condition will darken in summer and is best treated when it is at its lightest. Fortunatel­y, good treatments are at hand. “Melasma is a hormonally triggered condition only perform the treatments that have minimal which is commonly seen following pregnancy or risk,” says Lee. “Our most popular and widely the use of contracept­ive measures such as the performed in-clinic treatment is Cosmelan by birth control pill or implant,” says Savanah Mesoesteti­c. This is incorporat­ed in each of our Desiree Lee, Director of Sydney Dermal Lounge. pathways for pigmentati­on reversal and is ideal

Common characteri­stics of this condition for all types of skin. include a symmetrica­l pattern most commonly “Melasma is different from typical sun seen on the cheeks spreading across through the damage spots (hyperpigme­ntation) because it temples and forehead. “Hormonal fluctuatio­ns flares up when exposed to sun, heat or hormonal throughout the use of contracept­ives methods can changes, which is why it tends to be more lead to developmen­t of melasma and it is often noticeable in summer,” says Lee. mistreated as sun damage, which leads to the use Even with regular SPF applicatio­n, melasma of ineffectiv­e treatment options,” says Lee. will generally darken in the summer months.

Lee’s recommende­d options for the proper That’s why it’s best to treat melasma when it’s at treatment of melasma include: skin needling, its lightest, that is during the winter. “This way chemical peels, picosure laser, erbium lasers, the skin barrier is at its strongest when summer fractionat­ed lasers, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), returns,” says Lee. “Additional­ly, there is also BroadBand Light (BBL), Cosmelan and some associated downtime with depigmenta­tion Dermamelan. “As a clinic which specialise­s in treatments, so winter tends to be a preference for the correction of hyperpigme­ntation we will clients with less social activity.”


Asia, Europe and the US used to be top of the bucket list for luxury spa destinatio­ns, but now it is Sydney that tops the list. The newly opened Crown Spa Sydney at Crown Towers in Barangaroo is as luxurious as anywhere you will find in the world, thanks to its expertly beautiful interior and curated spa menu featuring luxury Swiss skincare house La Prairie. Designed by Sydney-based interior design firm Blainey North, the Crown Spa is a soothing and cocooning space with all the bells and whistles, including a vitality pool, steam room, sauna, relaxation beds with harbour views and TechnoGym. However, the real jewel of Crown Spa is its exceptiona­l therapists, who expertly deliver La Prairie’s transforma­tional signature treatments which leave your skin glowing and your knots unravelled.


If you want to upgrade your routine from a simple cleanse and moisturise approach, YSL’s Pure Shots Soft

Polish Double Essence is a useful addition when included as a middle step. Like adding a soft filter to your photo, this AHA and LHA-based essence does the same to your skin, gently exfoliatin­g to improve radiance, clarity and texture and minimise the appearance of pores. Meanwhile, a weightless touch of argan oil soothes and repairs the skin’s protective barrier, improving its ability to hold on to moisture.

Often using resurfacin­g acids like AHAs can disturb the skin’s natural balance and leave it dry, but this is designed to be gentle enough to be used by all skin types.


When skin acts up, there are a plethora of reasons why a usually calm complexion can suddenly flare with irritation: hormonal changes, aggressive skincare routines and environmen­tal pollution, not to mention psychologi­cal stress and fatigue. The result can be seriously stressed-out skin that is extremely dry, irritated, red and out of balance. Which is why Murad’s Intense Recovery Cream was created.

With an instantly soft, silky and comforting texture, the rich cream soothes and hydrates very dry and reactive skin with algae extract, while Mirabilis jalapa plant extract lessens redness and irritation, and shea butter and macadamia oil provide skin with lasting hydration.


If you find foundation and concealer bunches in under-eye lines and skin in the area looks dry and crepe-like, try prepping skin with Bobbi Brown’s new Vitamin

Enriched Eye Base. The dense eye cream is made to help keep makeup in place while hydrating skin and plumping out fine lines, as well as providing beneficial vitamins C, B3 and A to smooth and brighten your skin over time. CALM SENSITIVE SKIN

Signs of sensitive skin can be varied, including inflammati­on, feelings of skin tightness, heat and itchiness that can be uncomforta­ble. Sensitive skin is often more reactive to stimuli including exposure to UV rays, sun damage, stress, hormonal changes, fragrances, dyes, and harsh skincare ingredient­s. The new Mukti

Calming Collection helps to reduce the overall appearance of redness, smooth uneven skin tone and soothe irritation. It has been formulated to make your skin more resilient and increase its protective mechanisms by combining a balance of nourishing botanicals and calming plant oils – all of which contribute to rectifying underlying issues and rebalancin­g irritated skin while reducing redness. “My motivation to create the Calming Collection came about out of sheer frustratio­n,” says the founder, Mukti. “As I began my peri-menopause journey, I started having extreme sensitivit­y issues with my skin and my options were limited. There was very little on the market that addressed my problem and could assist with my hormonal fluctuatio­ns leading to flushing, rosacea, sensitivit­y and dermal impairment. I began avidly researchin­g ingredient­s that could specifical­ly address sensitised and reactive skin which led me to create this holistic, fragrance-free range that offered a solution.” The range includes a Calming Cleansing Balm, Calming Moisturise­r and the Rescue and Recovery Serum.

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