Yet there are ways you can keep your hands safe from dehydratio­n and harm during the colder months.


How to protect your hands this winter.

Thanks to COVID-19 health warnings, we are washing our hands a lot more, using soap and water as well as alcohol-based hand sanitisers. The downside of this improved hygiene is that the skin barrier can be disrupted by frequent cleaning, causing irritation and dry skin. The thin skin covering the hands is particular­ly susceptibl­e to dehydratio­n during the approachin­g winter months due to the low temperatur­e and humidity. Hot water from showers or washing dishes can also reduce your skin’s moisture. You can protect the delicate skin on your hands by wearing gloves outdoors and using rubber gloves when doing dishes. Each time you wash your hands, you can apply a moisturise­r afterwards. A good home remedy for dry hands is an oat bath. To make, fill a basin with warm water, 100g rolled oats and 50ml of olive oil. Then soak your hands completely in the water for 10 minutes. Pat skin dry with a soft, clean towel and apply a moisturise­r.

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