Profhilo is the current injectable treatment du jour, given its ability to restore the features of youthful skin. Made of hyaluronic acid and delivered into the surface layer of skin, it differs from previous fillers in that it isn’t intended to add precise volume to one small area. Instead, it distribute­s evenly to give an overall smoother appearance to ageing and sagging tissue. Experts refer to its benefits as ‘bio revitalisa­tion’ as it also stimulates collagen and elastin for long-term benefits.

Volux is the newest product from the Juvéderm brand of hyaluronic fillers made by experts Allergan. The unique hyaluronic acid molecular structure is denser and thicker than previous options, which is why it’s specifical­ly designed for sculpting the lower face. It can be used to improve facial balance by strengthen­ing the jawline, correcting a receding chin and softening jowls.


Skin resurfacin­g using microneedl­ing treatments like Dermapen to encourage collagen production remains a popular and effective option for smoothing neck creases and thickening fine, crepey skin, as are those that deliver small amounts of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid in the process.


Treating a double chin has become easier with options that target submental fullness, or the weight that hangs within the fat pad under the chin. Belkyra, a series of injections that persuade fat cells to give up their fat content, can deliver good results for the right candidates, while other experts rely upon fat freezing or cryolipoly­sis. However, results rely on using genuine devices – copycats in the market can limit results at best and run the risk of frostbite at worst.


The insertion of tiny facial threads to define and lift the face and sharpen the jawline is increasing­ly popular now they are smaller, dissolvabl­e and safer. Yet there are risks – and not everyone is a good candidate – so remember to take reputable advice before considerin­g.


Treatment using high-intensity focused ultrasound (sometimes called Ulfit) or radio frequency, to heat the tissue under the skin’s surface. This triggers the natural production of collagen and elastin, resulting in lifted, firmer and tighter skin.


While localised placement can help smooth some ‘necklace lines’ and creases, a Nefertiti Lift, named after the Egyptian queen with the famously lovely jawline, involves more extensive placement of botulinum toxin injections in the lower part of your face, jaw, and neck. It targets the platysma band of muscles that run vertically from the bottom of the face to your collarbone to create lift and minimise the appearance of sagging and jowls.

Slimming the face and jaw by relaxing an overactive masseter muscle with botulinum toxin is also an effective way to address a strong ‘square’-looking jaw.

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