The lat­est from our Mini fleet, this time fea­tur­ing James, Stephen and Tim.

To get his Mini back on the road by spring, James picks up the pace.

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We’ve been mak­ing good progress over the past cou­ple of months. The weld­ing is fi­nally fin­ished and Neggy, my 1995 Mini Sprite, is thank­fully a solid and rust-free car now. My aim is to have Neggy back on the road for the spring 2019 show sea­son and Mini 60 at the In­ter­na­tional Mini Meet in Bris­tol. How­ever, there is still much to be done!

The body has been rubbed down and newly-welded pan­els and joints are now seam-sealed. Un­for­tu­nately, where we had to make re­pairs to both rear quar­ters and from a pre­vi­ous re­place­ment of the sills sev­eral years ago, the pan­els are a bit dis­torted at the bot­tom. They needed a skim of body filler to make good. This has been pretty chal­leng­ing and I hope it doesn’t look too bad when fin­ished in (hope­fully) shiny red paint.

The front wings, bonnet and front panel were changed be­fore I owned the car and were painted badly us­ing red ox­ide as a primer and cel­lu­lose Flame Red. As I was wor­ried about any po­ten­tial paint re­ac­tion, these ar­eas have been taken back to bare me­tal. Un­til now, I never ap­pre­ci­ated the sheer amount of time and ef­fort re­quired at this paint prepa­ra­tion stage.

We also needed to trim the fron­twheel arches to make room for the new 6x12-inch Rose Pe­tal wheels. The off­set is quite pro­nounced so wider Wood & Pick­ett-style arches will have to re­place the stan­dard Rover items. I was a lit­tle con­cerned that the wheels would look a lit­tle ‘Car­los Fan­dango’ in style ini­tially, but now that I have of­fered the wider arches up it looks pretty de­cent. I be­lieve the young­sters call this good ‘stance’! Any­way, it looks pretty good to me.

I just hope it doesn’t tram­line like a Sport Pack, time will tell. Some­thing in­ter­est­ing to note is that

it’s not so much the over­all di­am­e­ter of the road wheel that causes foul­ing, but the width and off­set. Un­sur­pris­ingly, the wheel fouled far more on the off-side, but given that Minis were never ex­actly pre­ci­sion-en­gi­neered in the first place, I wasn’t too wor­ried.

The ac­tual trim­ming of the front wings wasn’t too dif­fi­cult, just a case of; trial fit wheel, check and mea­sure, re­move the wheel and trim grad­u­ally, then re­peat un­til the clear­ance is cor­rect. As you will see from the pho­to­graphs, we have made a new lip to keep the strength of the panel.

The bonnet, boot lid and doors will be painted off the car, and are now in primer, ready for their Flame Red. They won’t be painted ahead of time as we want to make sure the colour is con­sis­tent all over. The next stage will be to paint the un­der­side and in­side of the boot and the rear-wheel arches, which have al­ready been pro­tected with stone chip paint.

“I just hope it doesn’t tram­line like a Sport Pack, time will tell”

Still a long way to go, but progress is hap­pen­ing!

The body has been rubbed down and pan­els and joints seam-welded.

Arches be­ing trimmed to make way for the wheels. New lip to keep panel strength. Prepped and paint-ready... ...for the coat of Flame Red. Boot lid is also ready for paint. Back to bare me­tal in prep.

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