With a prob­lem­atic multi-key lock­ing sys­tem, Steve re­veals what to do if you de­cide to change the locks on your Mini.

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The MkII Cooper S has three locks. One for the ig­ni­tion, one for the door and one for the boot. The pas­sen­ger door is locked us­ing a switch on the in­side, there is no key lock for that door.

Over the years the locks on this ‘S’ had di­verged, leav­ing three keys. The ig­ni­tion key was a dif­fer­ent shape but given a 50/50 chance of get­ting the right door or boot key, of course the cho­sen key was usu­ally the wrong one.

Forty-nine years of use has also worn the mech­a­nisms on these Minis, so the re­quire­ment to use the right key is re­duced.

A trip to Mini Spares and a pair of match­ing bar­rels was pro­cured. The de­sign is that of the later Minis, so while they may not be the right op­tion for the purist, for prac­ti­cal use, they are ideal.

The boot lock on these Minis wasn’t de­signed in a way which makes bar­rel re­place­ment easy though, in­deed they have the key num­ber stamped in the shaft. My way around this was to use a Star­lock washer, but you can also re-fix the steel cap by drilling the shaft and fit­ting a roll pin.

There are quite a few steps, so with­out fur­ther ado, I’ll don my best Edd China Grease Junkie gloves and get go­ing!

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