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I’ve just bought a Mini May­fair and have no­ticed that the pas­sen­ger side front wheel sticks out about 3-4mm fur­ther from the front wing than on the driv­ers’ side. None of the pan­els have been re­placed to my knowl­edge; it’s just had just a re­spray and some new wheels. I haven’t even changed any of sus­pen­sion bits, but they are ad­justable. I thought it might be the new wheels, so I swapped them side-to-side and it’s ex­actly the same. They’re 6x10-inch Minilites and the pre­vi­ous ones were 5x12s.

Maybe it’s just that I didn’t no­tice on the other wheels, but have you heard of this be­fore? It seems odd for one wheel to stick out more than the other. Reece We have come across this a fair few times. There is a plethora of rea­sons, fore­most of which are ei­ther badly-fit­ted front end pan­els, or ac­ci­dent dam­age. In the lat­ter’s case, it can be sim­ply from the car hav­ing been hit at the front end at some point gen­tly enough to not re­quire panel re­place­ment, but enough to tweak the front end across. If that’s the case, then aside from aes­thet­ics there is no real prob­lem. The worst case sce­nario is where the front bulk­head has been pushed out of align­ment - usu­ally by a fairly hefty fron­tend shunt. If so, then it could be a bit of an is­sue as it will mean the sus­pen­sion ge­om­e­try will be out of align­ment. To check this out you can sim­ply run a length of string or cord around all four wheels. Po­si­tion it through the cen­tre points of the wheels/tyres, then mea­sure the dis­tance be­tween the sill’s outer edge and the string at the lead­ing edge of the door. It should be the same both sides,give or take a mil­lime­tre to al­low for a less than per­fect bodyshell shape. If there is a big dif­fer­ence, we strongly ad­vise you get the shell checked on a body jig to as­sess the cause.

Is your sus­pen­sion ge­om­e­try out of align­ment?

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