Modern Cat



First things first: Before we get started with tips and tricks, I need you guys to have a realistic expectatio­n of photograph­ing cats. Some felines are incredibly easy to photograph, rolling about and serving looks with every turn of their head, while others will literally dig a hole in your couch to avoid the camera. Most cats are somewhere in the middle, and it is of utmost importance that we make them feel comfortabl­e around us. We need to do our best to maintain a peaceful atmosphere when we're shooting. You might think this sounds really bizarre, but cats can totally sense our dispositio­n and react accordingl­y. If we're constantly picking up and placing the cat somewhere, making them wear silly clothes, or doing anything they're not used to, they are going to be far less inclined to show off their unique personalit­y. Their comfort comes first, our photos come second—and our photos will benefit greatly from the former.

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