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Your cat’s immunity is almost completely dependent on a healthy digestive microbiome.


Feline Probiotics: What to Look for

To get the best probiotics for cats, there are a few specific things to look for:

1. Cat specific. There are plenty of probiotics out there on the market, including probiotics for humans, dogs, and horses. Look for one that’s specifical­ly designed for cats yet is top quality human-grade. Yes, we all have microbiome­s, but our systems are different, so different things are needed.

2. Several different bacterial strains. Look for a probiotic that has a minimum of 10 strains of bacteria, not just one or two. That way your cat gets the complement­ary benefits of all of them, with no one strain overwhelmi­ng the other.

3. Don’t forget the prebiotics. Probiotics need to be fed to survive, and that’s where prebiotics come in. Prebiotics feed the probiotics and many have their own unique benefits. My favourite is larch.

4. Easy to use. Cats are picky. It’s that simple. Trying to give your cat a probiotic in pill format will probably have you tearing your hair out on day one. Just skip those ones. Find one that you can easily add to your cat’s regular food and is really tasty to keep the stress levels to a minimum.

Probiotic Powered Cat Litter Probiotics can also help with litter box cleanlines­s and odours! BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter harnesses the power of probiotics to help deep clean your cat’s litter at a microscopi­c level so your cat won’t track unseen waste! Easy to scoop and fast clumping, this low-tracking litter also traps bacteria and ammonia odours. ($22,

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