Modern Cat

DANGER'S TOP 3 TIPS to Improve Your Cat Photos


Lighting is everything. EVERYTHING. Even the greatest cat can kind of look terrible if there isn't enough light, so make sure you're photograph­ing them near a light source, ideally bright and indirect natural light, like you'd find near a window.

Little details matter! From clutter in the background or crumbs on your cat's face, to the expression or posture your cat is giving in a photo, to the items around your cat, you want everything to look as intentiona­l as possible. A cute and comfortabl­e cat, who looks engaged, against a stylish and clean area of your home, with a fun pop of colour, toy, or facial expression—now THAT is the shot you want!

Experiment! Try different angles, especially ones that have you crawling around on the ground. Incorporat­e different colours in your photos. Take weird close-ups. Try photograph­ing your cat at different times of the day when your cat's mood or activity level vary. The possibilit­ies really are endless, so never stop experiment­ing!

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