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With you as our inspiratio­n, we threw ourselves into making a spectacula­r fall/winter issue, designed to fuel discovery and spark new practices. We’re here to help you better understand and deepen your bond with your cats with an issue brimming with insight! As always, we aim to entertain while providing expert, actionable tips to solve problems and elevate the everyday.

If you’re thinking of adopting, Mieshelle Nagelschne­ider, aka the Cat Whisperer, shares her tips for choosing the right cat at the shelter, as well as how to help a new cat settle in. If you have an anxious cat or are returning to work, you might need some assistance helping your cat adjust. We’ve got you covered with proven anxiety busters to help make the transition smooth. Health concerns? From CBD to probiotics, natural wellness solutions pack these pages.

But that’s not all. A feline behaviouri­st details where cat lovers all too frequently go wrong when petting their cats, plus we’ve curated delightful ways to “catify” your home, including truly gorgeous vertical space solutions. Cat photograph­er Erica Danger reveals easy ways to instantly improve your cat photos—turn to page 60. Then, get inspired by the selection of reader-submitted Tiny Cat Stories before submitting your own! We profile a photograph­er specializi­ng in end-of-life photo shoots and share a British photograph­er’s amazing, viral photos of catand-person doppelgang­er duos. But perhaps my favourite of the bunch is our look at how Kristiina Wilson taught her cat, Steve, to talk (yes, really), using buttons that are pushed to say words (p 46). We know you’re going to want to give it a try.

The issue is also filled with beautiful cat finds, toys, gift ideas galore, and our favourite gear. Basically, it’s the best of everything cat, all in one place. We hope you enjoy reading the issue as much as we loved putting it together. Thank you for being a part of our endlessly inspiring community of cat lovers.

With love, Connie Wilson, Founder, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief

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