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I am emailing you to say

THANK YOU for one of your articles from a few years ago, which recommende­d pumpkin purée to resolve digestive issues. One of my cats, who is elderly and diabetic, has had on again, off again issues with her digestive system. I’ve spent so much time, energy, and money trying to help her. Her vet kept prescribin­g meds that never worked out. I was at a loss for what else to do.

Until late this past Saturday night, when

I found your article from 2018 online, which essentiall­y claimed that pumpkin purée, in small daily doses, could cure any sort of digestive issue that cats have. First off, I was highly skeptical, but I was also desperate to help my cat feel better and for her to have better litter box visits. After doing a bit more research, I zoomed out to buy a can of pumpkin purée that night. I mixed a teaspoon of purée with her food. At first, she refused. Eventually, she went for it and gobbled it all up. Then, I waited. The next morning, after her box visit, I could already tell a change was occurring!

By the 24 hour mark, I saw a total turn around! Her... umm, business... was just as it should be! I was fully stunned. After everything I have tried, all the vet visits, the meds, the money, etc. it turns out the fix was on the grocery shelf for less than $4. Unbelievab­le. I am so incredibly thankful, and so is my cat, as well as is her litter box. Thank you so very much.

Thank you for looking out for the cats of the world!—Allison

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