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1 My mum–and my joints–tell me that I am getting up there in years but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to get up on the bed and other comfy furniture. The dog stairs from BuddyRest make this much easier! They are made from low impact foam and covered in Crypton Smart suede that stays clean and stink-free. –Esther the Dachshund (from $150,

2 As the owner of three dogs, I get A LOT of use out of bioDOGrada­ble waste bags! Made with natural and renewable resources, I love that they help me keep my dog walking trails poop-free and that the bags are eco-efficient. Highly recommende­d!— Jacqueline (From $6, biodegrada­

3 My mom was having trouble finding the perfect jacket for me as I’m told my chest is a little broader than most pups. Enter the Banff Jacket from Go Fresh Pet—it fits perfectly, keeps me warm, and protects my underbelly. Not only am I the best dressed dog on the block, it’s a breeze to get on and off so we can get straight outside and enjoy those brisk winter walks.— So Ha the chubby Peke (From $38,

4 With the changing of the seasons and colder weather comes dry, itchy skin for pups everywhere. Trying to lather moisturize­r into all that fur is gross, messy, and NOT recommende­d, so a medicated shampoo like Goodwinol Shampoo for Cats and Dogs is the perfect answer! Not only does it relieve the scratching, but it also contains cedar oil, a natural insecticid­e that fights fleas and mites. Because it’s so gentle, it’s even safe to use on puppies as young as six weeks!— Jen (From $30,

5 Ever wonder what your dog is doing while you’re at work or out of town? With Pet-Peeps’ Indoor PetCam Pro, you can check out what your pups are up to and even talk to them—this HD camera has a built-in speaker and mic, too! Did your dog do something super-cute or funny (or naughty!) while nobody was home? It has an SD card slot as well, so you can record your dog’s shenanigan­s and watch it back.— Celine ($150,

6 My dog Maverick HATES bath time with a passion, so it’s quite an ordeal getting him soaped up. SOOS Pets Waterless Pet Bath Mousse is a game changer—it lets me spot clean my big baby in between complete washes, and keeps him from getting smelly by disinfecti­ng and cleaning, not just masking the odour.— Mariah ($21,

7 My two dogs are always begging for treats and sometimes it’s hard to say no! That’s why Coco-Charms Training Treats from CocoTherap­y are perfect for my pups. With only one calorie per treat, Coco-Charms allow you to indulge your dogs without worrying about them becoming overweight. The small size makes them ideal for training (and for little dogs that prefer small treats) and they’re made from delicious, healthy ingredient­s that support skin, coat, and digestive health. Blue and Homer recommend the yummy Blueberry Cobbler flavour!— Eleanor ($29 for a pack of three, cocotherap­

8 Eldoop Design makes handmade clay collectibl­es for loved dogs and their people. From ceramic sculptures to wheel thrown jars, everything is totally handmade and custom created to capture the look and personalit­y of each dog! Check out the custom keepsake pictured—it’s made of high fire clay and porcelain, and the pup on the rug actually forms the lid, which lifts off so you can store treats or keepsakes. A wonderful gift idea! —Kevin (From $165,

9 Riley’s Organics Pumpkin & Coconut Recipe treats are a total hit with my American Eskimo Ava! Made with just five natural, organic, human-grade ingredient­s, they’re not only delicious but rich in vitamins for optimal health.— Rachel (From $26 for two cartons, rileysorga­

10 I’m an older Basset Hound with an ingrained marking issue that is driving my people crazy. Enter Belly Bands, a soft fleecy band that holds a disposable maxi-pad and securely Velcros around your dog’s mid-section, saving your furniture and your sanity by containing the mess. It also helps teach boy dogs to stop marking as they don’t like peeing in the band! Belly Bands are easy to get on and off and they’re machine washable. Perfect for stubborn marking or incontinen­ce!— Blue the Basset Hound ($11 - $31,

11 My mom takes supplement­s every day to maintain glowing good health, so she thinks it’s important that I also benefit from a daily supplement. Every day I get a Cosequin Soft Chew loaded with glucosamin­e, chondroiti­n, and MSM to protect my aging joints and support healthy cartilage matrix production. And the Omega-3 fatty acids help my skin and coat stay shiny and healthy—just like mom!— Penny Johnson the Dachshund ($18,

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