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Modern Dog Staffers remember their best friends:



My beautiful Chow Chow Mogli was my shadow. It took some time to get used to his physical absence after his passing, and I wanted to find a way to have him close to me. Carrying his favourite toy around was not practical (and got me some funny looks), so I turned to cremation jewelry from Perfect Memorials. A simple pendant held a small portion of his ashes and I could wear it every day; it was extremely comforting. Even after I welcomed a new fluffy friend into my life, I still wear my pendant every day to keep Mogli close. $23, PerfectMem­— Jen Yau


It wasn’t until I came across Heart in Diamond, a company that makes memorial diamonds from a deceased loved one’s hair or ashes, that I knew I’d found just the thing to capture the purity and brilliance of my dog Rose’s spirit. I had her ashes and fur made into a single small yellow diamond set in a plain gold stud that I wear in my ear so that now, as before, I take her with me everywhere. Until we meet again my little friend, you are so deeply missed. From $750, —Jennifer Nosek


My dog Kaya impacted my life in countless ways. A headstrong, hyperactiv­e dog, she was, at first, more than I thought I could handle. Somehow, though, we worked out our difficulti­es and when she passed on after 15 years together, I thought I would never recover from the loss. Time thankfully heals, and my beautiful memories of her now make me smile. The tribute to Kaya I love best is the beautiful portrait Liza Graziotto painted of her in Pacific Spirit Park. It hangs in my office and is a daily reminder of Kaya’s beautiful spirit. LisaGrazio­ —Connie Wilson

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