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From Chained to Beloved: Pilgrim’s Journey


Rescue group NMDOG answered an urgent call for help from Animal Control in Albuquerqu­e, NM. An Animal Control officer had picked up nine-year-old Pilgrim, who was found chained and freezing. He was severely malnourish­ed and covered in wounds from repeated dog attacks.

Thanks to a Grey Muzzle grant, NMDOG was able to say “yes” to taking in Pilgrim. Within the hour, he was on his way to the veterinari­an.

It was clear that Pilgrim had suffered horribly, so much so that the responding officer filed animal cruelty charges. Ultimately, Pilgrim’s abuser was found guilty.

Safely with NMDOG, Pilgrim finally received the care he had gone so long without. He was treated for a severe blood infection and trauma to his right eye and placed on a special diet to help him regain the 20 pounds he had lost while fending for himself. The community rallied around him, sending care packages with tasty treats and notes with words of encouragem­ent.

As Pilgrim’s body began to heal, his spirit started to return. Finally feeling safe and loved, he shared a bit more of his wiggly, kissy self each day. It was only a matter of time until he was ready to find a home of his own. It wasn’t long before Pilgrim found the yin for his yang: Woody! Two old guys cut from the same cloth, they loved hanging out on the couch together and surfing the Web. Woody even got Pilgrim a monthly subscripti­on to a magical box filled with chew toys and special treats that didn’t upset his tummy.

After three wonderful years together, Woody and Pilgrim’s NMDOG family had to say goodbye. “With lots of treats, so many kisses, snuggles and wags, we told Pilgrim what a best boy he was, what a difference he made in many lives, what an honor it’s been, being his rescue,” says NMDOG. “We are grateful that Pilgrim knew only health, happiness, and love since coming into our this is our ultimate promise to each of them.”

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