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Northwest Naturals freeze dried diets for dogs now come in a larger 28 oz value bag! With seven different varieties: Beef, Beef & Trout, Chicken, Lamb, Chicken & Salmon, Turkey and Whitefish & Salmon for dogs to try. Reconstitu­te with water for a meal or use as a complete and balanced treat your dog will love!

Mega Churu is a bigger, thicker version of the original Churu, but it is still free from grains, preservati­ves, carrageena­n, and artificial colors. You can use them for training, to disguise pills or simply squeeze on wet or dry dog food as a topper! Available in three flavors.

I’m-Yunity for dogs is the only clinically proven medicinal mushroom extract of

Coriolus versicolor. It helps to reduce your dog’s pain and fatigue while improving energy levels, mobility, and appetite.

Start improving your dog’s immunity and quality of life today! Use code "moderndog" for 5% off, and learn about clinical results and rewards programs at buyimyunit­

The world’s first luxury water for pets, Silica Source For Pets is

the highest quality water you can give your best friend! Silica supports pain relief, anti-aging and healthful longevity, gut health and digestion, wound healing, and a healthy, youthful looking skin and coat. aquenespri­

Is your dog dealing with diarrhea or other digestive issues? Go beyond prebiotics and probiotics and get to the root of the problem - the gut. Juru Gut Support works from the inside out and nourishes your dogs' gut with all the goodness it needs to address adverse digestive symptoms.

HAPPYBOND’s POWERFOOD features real, nutrient-rich foods packaged in room-temperatur­e stored jars. Power your pup with high-protein diets, human-grade meat chunks, no preservati­ves, and patent-pending technology. It’s dogapprove­d (even your picky eater). Available in three different varieties: Tenderloin & Sweet Potato, Beef & Broccoli, and Chicken & Rice Casserole.

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