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Lawn Chemicals Linked To Two Cancers; Would You Clone Your Dog?; Give Your Dog a Little Lift

Ditch the pesticides in favour of a natural approach!


A gorgeous green lawn is irresistib­le, particular­ly to pets. But is it harming your dog?

A study by the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at Purdue University compared environmen­tal exposure histories of two groups of 83 Scottish Terriers and found that the dogs exposed to lawns treated with common garden and lawn pesticides and herbicides were seven times more likely to develop bladder cancer.

Exposure to lawn pesticides also raised the risk of canine malignant lymphoma (CML) by as much as 70 percent, found a six-year study at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Dogs over 50 pounds in homes where pesticides and herbicides were profession­ally applied, or in homes where owners used chemical lawn care products to kill insects were at the greatest risk.

Luckily, you can still have your green lawn while protecting your pup and the environmen­t. Organic lawn care service providers like NaturaLawn create lush lawns without the toxic chemicals. NaturaLawn’s lawn care programs protect you and your pets against harmful pesticides and chemicals while also combating weeds and pests. Organic methods add natural nutrients to the soil and help develop healthy root systems naturally. They also solve common lawn issues like brown patches, surface-feeding insects, weeds, and lackluster growth with natural products, so you can feel comfortabl­e watching your kids and pets play.

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