Avoid­ing kitchen de­sign mis­takes

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A lot of ac­tiv­ity hap­pens in the kitchen - meal prepa­ra­tion, din­ing, catch­ing up with fam­ily and friends over cof­fee. So it’s im­por­tant that the room is both func­tional and beau­ti­ful. This raises many do’s and don’ts when de­sign­ing your kitchen - so let’s high­light a few so you don’t make the same mis­takes. 1. Don’t ob­struct ac­cess to the kitchen tri­an­gle. The tri­an­gle is used in ref­er­ence to the sink, stove and re­frig­er­a­tor, as it’s the area with the great­est ac­tiv­ity and re­quires care­ful planning. Of the three ar­eas, the sink will have the most ac­tiv­ity so it should be the cen­tral point of the tri­an­gle. If plumb­ing is a problem and is dis­rupt­ing the flow of the tri­an­gle, con­sider re­lo­cat­ing drains and plumb­ing to best ac­com­mo­date the sink.

2. Don’t waste stor­age space. Kitchens gen­er­ally con­tain a lot of stuff. Not only that, but items are of­ten oddly shaped or re­quire a lot of space. This causes is­sues when try­ing to cre­ate enough stor­age room but also keep­ing ap­pli­ances and ne­ces­si­ties eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble. To avoid these prob­lems, do plenty of planning and fore­thought. If your kitchen is small, con­sider in­stalling ex­tra-long up­per cab­i­nets with mold­ing for ex­tra space, and al­ways in­stall cab­i­nets over the re­frig­er­a­tor. Place light­ing along the mold­ing to draw the eyes up and cre­ate a sense of space and less clut­ter.

3. Don’t ig­nore counter-top work space. One of the big­gest er­rors I see is the lack of coun­ter­top space peo­ple in­stall in their kitchens. When planning, con­sider all the kitchen ac­tiv­i­ties that re­quire a coun­ter­top, as well as ap­pli­ances that are per­ma­nently lo­cated there like the kettle, toaster and juicer.

4. En­sure there’s enough light­ing. The kitchen is one room where you can’t af­ford to have poor light­ing - not just for de­sign and at­mos­phere but for safety. When planning, eval­u­ate the ar­eas which will gen­er­ate the most ac­tiv­ity and re­quire the best light­ing.

So when planning your kitchen, think care­fully and take time to con­sider both the at­mos­phere and prac­ti­cal el­e­ments the de­sign needs to en­cap­su­late, to en­sure your kitchen is both beau­ti­ful and func­tional and make every square inch count.

Tur­rell Build­ing Ser­vices has been de­sign­ing and build­ing on the North Shore and in the Hills Dis­trict for over 20 years.

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