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Win­dows are a big source of un­wanted heat gain and heat loss in your home. Choos­ing the right win­dow cov­er­ings means you can im­prove the com­fort of your home all - year- round, re­duce your power bills and cut car­bon pol­lu­tion.

East and west fac­ing win­dows re­ceive a lot of sun all year round. The hot sum­mer weather com­bined with large win­dows in your home can re­sult in an in­creased level of heat trav­el­ling through its win­dows and doors, mak­ing it un­com­fort­ably hot.

(Pic 1 ) Stop­ping the heat from en­ter­ing your home in the first place is much bet­ter than let­ting it in and cool­ing it down af­ter­wards, as when ra­di­ant en­ergy from the sun touches an ob­ject in­side, it gets hot, mak­ing the room hot. The sim­ple ac­tion of low­er­ing your win­dow cov­er­ings first thing in the morn­ing will pre­vent the heat of the day from en­ter­ing, and help re­tain the coolest tem­per­a­tures from overnight.

( Pics 2- 5) Ex­ter­nally, shad­ing your win­dows or en­clos­ing your pa­tios and court­yards with Lux­aflex Evo awnings can min­i­mize heat in your home to create a com­fort­able cooler en­vi­ron­ment. This can and save upto 60% of your home cool­ing costs in Sum­mer.

(Pic 6) In­ter­nally, the Lux­aflex Duette Ar­chitella range can help in­su­late your home 365 days of the year. The Lux­aflex Duette Ar­chitella Shades can make a sub­stan­tial dif­fer­ence to the com­fort of your home by con­trol­ling the in­com­ing heat by upto 83% in sum­mer. Come win­ter, it will help re­tain the warmth in­side your home and can save upto 43% of your heat­ing costs too.

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