When buy­ing into a child­hood dream is ev­ery­thing you ex­pected

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Mor­ley ex­plains his long-held de­sire for an Es­cort

THERE ARE CARS that en­ter your con­scious­ness and just refuse to bug­ger off. The Mark 2 Es­cort RS2000 was just such a thing in my world. In fact, I can re­call an ad­vert for the Esky on the back cover of Wheels mag­a­zine when I was about 14 or 15. The ad fea­tured an or­ange RS2000 with the tag line “Street Le­gal”. Man, I was a shot dog right there. Episodes of Minder and The Pro­fes­sion­als didn’t help one bit. Years later I got the chance to buy this car (af­ter pes­ter­ing the owner) so I jumped on it. It was just some­thing I had to do. Scratch that itch, get it out of my sys­tem; call it what you like, but I HAD to have a Mark 2 RS2000. For me, the lit­tle Esky in its RS form rep­re­sents all those pim­ply de­sires, those rag­ing-hor­mone urges and I can al­most taste 1980 (I can cer­tainly smell it) when I jump in and turn the key on that lit­tle Pinto four-banger that has, un­der my stew­ard­ship, seen a few tweaks. It now has a lot more com­pres­sion, a stupid-big camshaft and a rorty zorst. The sin­gle carb re­mains and the sus­pen­sion is most of the way to the deck with just a set of Minilite copies in the pe­riod-cor­rect 13 x 6.0inch size. Oh yeah, there’s a Sierra five-speed, too, to give it some legs on trans­port stages. Mainly, I like it be­cause it’s a big nos­tal­gia hit, but also be­cause it still looks tough. There are bug­bears that I live with, start­ing with the fact that the val­ues of the damn things have gone stupid in re­cent years. Given mine’s not ever going to be on the mar­ket, the dol­lar-value is ir­rel­e­vant, but it has made me antsy about where I park it. The other gripe is that lunkheaded, cart-sprung rear-end which has all the com­pli­ance of a jail­house riot.

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