Nathan Bee

Audi RS3 Sport­back | 2.5-litre 5cyl, turbo, 360awkW (mod­i­fied) ODO 38,700KM | OWNED FOR 1.25 YEARS

Motor (Australia) - - FRONT END. LETTERS -

WHAT CAME BE­FORE THIS? When I moved to West­ern Aus­tralia I had to get a tray – a ute. I thought, why not get a Maloo and su­per­charge it and all that... big cam, etc. Com­ing back to Mel­bourne I’d turn into the car park for a cus­tomer’s ap­point­ment and the whole of­fice would shake. It was awe­some in a straight line, but when­ever I hooked up with old friends and we went into the moun­tains, I could eas­ily keep up, but I didn’t trust my­self. WHY DIDN’T YOU WAIT FOR THE AL­LOY FIVE CYLINDER? I didn’t know that it had a larger turbo, but as soon as I found it was an alu­minium block, the struc­tural in­tegrity and ten­sile strength, I knew it’s not go­ing to work with my plans. I al­ways wanted to up­grade the turbo and be a bit dif­fer­ent. Sort of like the Maloo and the su­per­charger. The turbo’s been high flowed and there’s still a stan­dard man­i­fold there be­cause I still want drive­abil­ity. The wife drives it now and doesn’t know it has any mod­i­fi­ca­tions. It ac­tu­ally spools 200rpm quicker than stock, it’s about 220kW at the wheels stock and this is 360 (awkW). MUST BE A MON­STER IN A STRAIGHT LINE. I got five 11 flats in a row, but it was at 219km/h. A guy in the States did a 10.3 at 216km/h. He was run­ning slicks and the 60 foot was 1.5sec. I got my 60 foot down from a 1.9 to a 1.7, so there’s still a bit more to go. All the V8 boys come over and can’t be­lieve it. I tell ev­ery­one it’s stock. It’s got launch con­trol and is idiot proof. YOU’VE GOT TRACK PLANS FOR WIN­TON, RIGHT? I was do­ing 1min 38sec laps in my Golf R, that’s just with coilovers and stage II type of things. I’ve done it a dozen times. We have a pri­vate track day com­ing up. The other guy who’s or­gan­is­ing it has bought the facelift RS3, his is com­pletely stock. There’s a bit of com­pet­ing and he wants a four-sec­ond head start, and I’m like ‘nah’, there’s not that in it. Win­ton’s all about tech­nique and han­dling!

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