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I won­der if you could help me with a cou­ple of ques­tions that popped into my mind while I’ve been read­ing the July is­sue’s BFYB ar­ti­cles? Would you be able to tell me what you say to the var­i­ous man­u­fac­tur­ers when you ap­proach them for ac­cess to the cars you want to use at BFYB? For ex­am­ple, how would you ap­proach Subaru to ask for a WRX STI or BRZ? Do they ask for de­tails about what test­ing you’ll be do­ing (ie, track laps and drag strip runs)? Do they set any sort of limit on what things you can or can’t do with their cars, or are they quite happy for you to use the ex­pe­ri­enced testers like your­selves and War­ren Luff to go all out to get the best times for each car? Lou Batskos, via email What are you, a spy for another mag­a­zine or some­thing? Gen­er­ally the man­u­fac­turer has a pretty good idea what we’re in­tend­ing to do with their car when we send them the in­vi­ta­tion. A lot of trust is in­volved, but lucky we’ve been do­ing this for a while and have a few runs on the board.

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