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AT THE TURN of the cen­tury, the AU Fal­con was the fore­front of the Aussie Ford sedan. But its styling was di­vi­sive, and the VT Com­modore looked, well, bet­ter. There was po­ten­tial in the AU, and Ford could see it. Luck­ily, some­one else had an idea which Ford could get be­hind, a two-door ver­sion of its flag­ship badge. Danny Wil­liams, then head of the Sprintex su­per­charger divi­sion of a com­pany called Ad­vanced En­gine Com­po­nents (AEC), had caught wind of a hand-built, two-door AU Fal­con in NSW. Wil­liams was work­ing on a su­per­charged ver­sion of the Ford Mus­tang 4.6-litre V8, and it was in need of a car to live in. A two-door seemed more than ap­pro­pri­ate. The project was soon brought to Ford’s at­ten­tion which took it on and passed the job of ‘pol­ish­ing’ the work al­ready done on the 300+ to a firm called Mil­lard De­sign. The story goes that within only a cou­ple of months of work begin­ning, the job was fin­ished a mere four hours be­fore then Ford pres­i­dent Ge­off Po­lites un­veiled the 300+ at the 2001 Mel­bourne Mo­tor Show on March 1. What re­sulted wasn’t just a car that even those averse to the AU’s de­sign could get be­hind, but also a faster and fit­ter ma­chine. From the out­side, the 300+ was sleeker than the AU sedan, with wider guards, more ag­gres­sive front and rear bars, and a good-look­ing set of 18-inch wheels. Un­der­neath, how­ever, the 300+ was pack­ing heat. The Mus­tang’s 4.6-litre V8 is ac­tu­ally the rea­son ‘300+’ came about. The ‘plus’ stands for the extra few kilo­watts over the 300-mark (10, to be ex­act) that the en­gine grants the car, in part thanks to the AEC-de­vel­oped Sprintex su­per­charger, which forced air into the bent eight. The cur­rent where­abouts of the 300+ re­main a mys­tery to us, though a car claimed to be the orig­i­nal show car ap­peared for sale on­line a cou­ple of years ago. Chances are, who­ever’s got it is keep­ing it a closely guarded se­cret.

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