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It seems like ev­ery month there’s a new su­per­car on the way with the po­ten­tial to hit 480km/h and hav­ing around 1500 horse­power. Koenigsegg, McLaren, Hen­nessy, SSC Tu­atara (which sounds like an In­done­sian food dish) and of course Bu­gatti are all chas­ing that speed. Elec­tric power is now bring­ing huge power num­bers, too. But all this does, in my opin­ion, is fo­cus on just how amaz­ing the McLaren F1 was. It’s hard to fathom this in­cred­i­ble ma­chine was launched 25 years ago and hit 386km/h back then. And re­mem­ber, it had ‘only’ 461kW. Fast for­ward to now and it’s taken the Koenigsegg Agera RS an ex­tra 540odd kilo­watts to max­imise its top speed by an ex­tra 61km/h. Now even though I’m no physi­cist I know that even small in­cre­ments in speed at over 350km/h will re­quire huge gains in horse­power to over­come drag and other forces (I learnt that from your mag­a­zine), but I think it re­ally does show how phe­nom­e­nal and ahead of its time the F1 was. If I’m not mis­taken it still has the record for the fastest nat­u­rally as­pi­rated

pro­duc­tion car. It was the au­to­mo­bile in­dus­try’s Con­corde mo­ment; the huge leap for­ward; the Cindy Craw­ford of su­per­mod­els. It’s the best of the best, a level of ex­cel­lence the Kar­dashi­ans of to­day could never hope to reach. Nek­tis Paris­sis, via Face­book We’re very ea­ger to see if the As­ton Martin Valkyrie is the ‘new’ McLaren F1. Hmm.

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