Just three McLaren F1 GTs were built

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THE HIS­TORY of the ‘LT’ moniker stretches back to McLaren’s most iconic road car, the F1. Af­ter win­ning the Le Mans 24 Hour en­durance race outright in GTR form in 1995, it was light­ened and pow­ered up in 1997 to fight up­graded com­pe­ti­tion. The rearend was also ex­tended to im­prove high-speed down­force, earn­ing it the fa­mous Long­tail name. Rules said a road ver­sion was needed to pass ho­molo­ga­tion, so the F1 GT was then born. It was 600mm longer than the stan­dard F1, 101mm wider and used spe­cial dampers to han­dle ex­tra down­force. It used the same 6.1-litre V12 pow­er­train, with 461kW/650Nm, but sucked air from a larger roof mounted snorkel. Other unique de­tails in­cluded a wider ex­haust tip ar­range­ment, huge front split­ter, re­vised front bumper and lou­vred vents in the front guards. Three cars were built while the orig­i­nal pro­to­type, named the ‘XP GT’ and fin­ished ‘Bot­tle Green’, is kept by McLaren in Wok­ing. McLaren says the two oth­ers re­main in pri­vate col­lec­tions.

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