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How to make your very own L190


TO BUILD an accurate Life L190 start with a trio of four-pot cylinder banks, arranged 60 degrees apart with a bore of 81mm and a stroke of 56.5mm, for a total capacity of 3493cc. Set the redline to 12,500rpm and the compressio­n ratio at 13:1. Fuel injection and ignition is to be sourced from TDD with spark plugs from Champion. Lubricatin­g the engine is oil from Agip. The chassis uses double-wishbone suspension at each corner, with pushrods activating Koni dampers. A wheelbase of 2780mm makes the L190 one of the shorter cars on the grid, while 1810mm/1657mm tracks front/rear are on-par for the style of the time. The W12 transfers power through a home-built six-speed manual gearbox with Hewland internals and an AP clutch, to Goodyear slick rubber. Stopping everything are Carbone Industries brakes and Brembo pads, while a 200-litre fuel tank is supplied by Pirelli. Secan radiators help maintain temperatur­es, Stack instrument­s inform the driver of vital informatio­n, while Pignone e Cremaglier­a is responsibl­e for the steering. Put it together and the engine should weigh 154kg, with the total car tipping the scales at 530kg.

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