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PRICE: $750,000 OUTPUT: 308kW ENGINE: 2.0-litre inline-4


CYAN RACING, formerly known as Polestar, Volvo’s factory racing team, has created something brilliant.

The three-time winners of the World Touring Car Championsh­ip have turned Volvo’s coupe classic, the P1800, into a re-engineered WTCC-powered weapon.

The friendly face of Volvo’s 1960s sports car was designed by Pelle Petterson, then just a design student for Pietro Frua. Coincident­ally, Pelle’s father, Helmer Petterson, was an engineerin­g consultant for Volvo and the lead man behind the car his son would style. The P1800’s ‘Italian design’ messaging meant Frua was commonly credited as the designer until Volvo rewrote its history, officially recognisin­g Pelle’s authorship in 2009.

We bet young Pelle never envisioned a fire-breathing 308kW turbo-four from Volvo’s title-winning S60 TC1 car to be fitted beneath a 990kg carbon fibre creation penned by him.

The ’60s-era live axle has been binned in exchange for a bespoke front and rear double-wishbone setup, with aluminium uprights, anti-roll bars and Cyan-tuned dampers. Five-speed Holinger ’box with unboosted brakes and no ABS make this one mean Swede!

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